Informed Consent – Yesterday & Today

The Times They Are A Changing


by Bob Dylan & Bob Watson

Come doctors and lawyers
Please hear the call
Don’t keep patients waiting
Don’t block up the hall
Don’t gather your patients
Around old DVDs
Informed Consent Online
Will put them at ease
The old ways are rapidly agin’
For the times they are a-changing.

In preparation for an exciting new product launch we’re planning for November, my staff suggested I write an article about how I got into the ophthalmology business and where my passion for patient education began. I had RK surgery in 1982. I was miserable with extreme light sensitivity and had to be driven to work for the first two weeks. My vision was blurry both near and distance for a month. I thought I was the stupidest person in the world for having Radial Keratotomy. (more…)

Promises SEO Companies Can’t Keep – Part III

shutterstock_279917603This is the third and final blog article in our “Promises SEO Companies Can’t Keep”  series highlighting some of the more common promises SEO companies make that should be WARNING SIGNS you are about to be or currently are getting Ripped-Off!  This time we are discussing Links. Links can be a GREAT thing when they occur naturally, however, the promises unveiled below explain how links and backlinks can be a very BAD thing.

Promises SEO Companies Can’t Keep – Part I


Every practice wants their website to be positioned at the top of the page when patients search for key search terms like LASIK, Cataracts, and Glaucoma. But getting your website to the top of the page can be very difficult, especially when you are in a competitive market. To complicate this task even more, the Big Dog “Google” doesn’t make it easy with their ever-changing secret search algorithms and constant revision of their SEO do and don’t rules. For this reason, many practices hire Search Engine Optimization Companies to help them get higher page rankings. (more…)