On the last day of the AAO 2014 meeting in Chicago, Dr. Jay Bansal was flying by our booth, when I hailed him over and stuck samples of our Laser Cataract Surgery Deluxe Brochure Covers:custom premium and deluxe laser cataract surgery brochures in his hand. He said he was about to produce one on his own but asked me to contact him after the meeting, which I did.

Dr. Bansal liked the design elements and content of both our premium and deluxe brochures but decided on the deluxe brochure to help keep the costs down. Within a week, we sent him a design and layout customized for his area to review. He liked it but also wanted to include content on Refractive Lens Exchange, along with a more robust section on the various IOL options that he offers his patients. I told him that if we add one page to this 8 ½” x 11” deluxe brochure, it means we need to add 4 pages of content. He was fine with adding the pages, so back to the drawing board we went.

After reviewing the now 12-page brochure, Dr. Bansal called me and said, “My staff and I love what you have done so much that we realized that if we added a couple more pages of information covering how to prepare for surgery, what to expect after the surgery, secondary cataracts, and testimonials, we would have exactly what we need: a comprehensive laser cataract surgery brochure that tells the whole story from start to finish.”

Back to the drawing board we went again. Once we sent the 16-page brochure to him, we waited a couple of days for his comments. Dr. Bansal called and said, “Bob, this is the best brochure any laser cataract surgeon could ask for. I guarantee if you send a copy of my brochure to every laser cataract surgeon out there, they would want to order one just like it.”

One week later I went over to a Houston ophthalmologist’s office to review the premium laser cataract surgery brochure we had been working on for him. As we went over the content, he asked several times, “Can we include some information on this and some more on that?” Without hesitation, I pulled up a copy of Dr. Bansal’s 16-page deluxe brochure and said, “This one has everything but the kitchen sink in it. Are you thinking you want something like this that tells the whole story?”

Bingo! He loved it and we are now customizing our second 16-page deluxe laser cataract surgery brochure for him. In the same week, Dr. Bansal emailed a copy to one of his ophthalmology buddies in Nashville and bingo again! Now I am thinking, maybe we have finally designed a brochure that every laser cataract surgeon will want.

Thank you, Jay, for knowing what you wanted, getting your staff involved in its creation and working with us until you got it. And thanks for allowing us to share this jewel with your colleagues so that they might benefit as well. Working with doctors like Jay Bansal is the reason that after 32 years in the business, I love doing what I do!

About the author: Robert Watson, President of Patient Education Concepts, Inc.

Robert (Bob) Watson is the President and founder of Patient Education Concepts, Inc. (PEC). Bob became an entrepreneur servicing ophthalmologists after having Radial Keratotomy surgery performed on his eyes in 1982. Frustrated with a difficult post-operative recovery, he produced his first video on RK that quickly became the standard for informed consent and the template for many other refractive videos used by ophthalmologists all around the world today.

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