shutterstock_57356104Since most of my communication with clients happens via email or on the phone, I get really excited when conference time rolls around..  One would think that after 20 years of working  trade shows I would be “over it”.  A brief change of scenery and the opportunity to connect with people in-person keeps the inspirational juices going.

The ASCRS Conference kicks-off this week in Boston, MA and PEC is prepping for the super-fun commute from Houston to the North East.  Hopefully both the Travel and Weather Gods will smile on us.

In Q4 of 2013 and Q1 of 2014 PEC placed much focus on how we can take our laser cataract and refractive surgery content and create an interactive online lead qualification tool our clients can use to attract and qualify laser cataract surgery leads online.

There are three substantial pain points we had to consider during the product development process:

  1. Practices are focused on patient care and don’t typically have the man-power to dedicate to coordinating and monitoring complicated online marketing campaigns.  Because of this, the solution needs to be simple, and very focused.
  2. Patients are more web savvy and becoming more proactive at researching information about health issues and options.  They want to interact with information on the web that specifically speaks to their wants and needs and they prefer video to lots of text.
  3. Budgets and resources are tight. Our economy is still in recovery mode.  Practices are watching their marketing budgets closer than ever which means the solutions we bring to the table must be affordable and provide comprehensive performance metrics.

After considering all of the above, PEC went to work developing a product that will address these pain points.  Bob Watson, PEC’s President, Marcie Whitaker, PEC’s Sales Representative, and I will be introducing a new online marketing solution at ASCRS that has been beta tested with great results.

Visit PEC at booth 1504 and let’s talk about what online pain points you’re currently experiencing at your practice.  Together we can come up with a plan and identify what PEC solutions can help.

See you in Boston!