HOUSTON, Texas – June 30, 2014 – PEC (Patient Education Concepts, Inc.) is pleased to announce the availability of the IOL and LVC Counselor™ Online Tools for use on practices’ websites as well as on tablet devices, such as the iPad. The origins of this new online interactive program began back in 2007 and 2008 when PEC released its IOL and LVC Counselor™ software applications on CD for use on computers. Both of these earlier programs received critical acclaim within the ophthalmic industry for their innovative educational approach of using narrated videos and 3D animations to help counselors explain complex IOL and LVC options.

“The most popular aspect of these programs was the visual simulations that allowed counselors and doctors to show patients their potential visual outcomes using scenes that were easy for them to relate to. This approach yielded better patient comprehension of the choices they were being asked to make and resulted in higher conversion rates to premium lenses and LVC procedures,” said Robert Watson, President of PEC.

PEC has adapted the slider bar visual simulator from the earlier software to create these two new interactive online counseling tools. The interactive nature of the program is designed to hold a visitor on a website longer, thereby increasing the likelihood they will contact the practice. In the practice, doctors and counselors can access the tools via the Internet and use them as one-on-one counseling tools on their iPads, other tablet devices or regular desktop browsers, as they are responsive and resize for the device viewing them.

As patients progress through the IOL Counselor simulations, they will see the differences that the various lenses would make in their post-operative vision using both day and nighttime scenarios. Similarly, the LVC Counselor provides an overview of conventional versus custom laser vision correction outcomes. It also contains simulations that explain refractive errors. Using the slider bar, patients are systematically led from conventional to custom simulations depicting how they might see post-operatively in both day and nighttime scenarios.

Patient Education Concepts, Inc. (PEC), located in Houston, Texas is the marketing products and service subsidiary of Surgery Partners, Inc. PEC’s president and founder, Robert Watson, has produced and marketed patient education materials for the ophthalmic industry since 1982. PEC has provided their products to over 12,000 eye care professionals in the United States and in over 30 countries.

Click here to view the IOL and LVC Counselor Online and Tablet Interactive Counseling Tools, or call PEC at 800.436.9126.