MyCataract Counselor™

Online Lead Generation Tool

MyCataract Counselor™ is the first-of-its-kind, interactive, online cataract counseling program that generates high quality leads from your website traffic and/or can be used as a Pay-Per-Click internet marketing campaign. Practices benefit from receiving pre-qualified leads from prospects within their market area that have been pre-educated about cataract surgery and premium service options.

Information captured by the program can include:
• The prospect’s age
• Current refractive error(s)
• Type of glasses they wear
• If they ‘think’ they have a cataract
• The type of IOL they would like to have
• Their email
• Their phone number

Our Automated Email Follow-up Service is also available to maximize lead conversion and significantly reduce staff follow-up time (see drop-down menu below).

MyCataract Counselor guides the prospective patient through 6 steps:
1. What is a cataract?
2. How are cataracts removed?
3. A vision survey
4. How do you want to see after cataract surgery?
5. My results
6. Medicare/Insurance/Financing

The program is video-based, featuring our Sight Selector™ Online Edition videos to explain surgical and IOL options.

The MyCataract Counselor lead tracking portal (see below) allows anyone in your practice to monitor the leads that come in on a daily basis and follow each lead’s life cycle from new leads, to scheduled leads, to surgeries performed.

The Pay-Per-Click program is limited to one client per market. However, any practice can license MyCataract Counselor for use on their website as a non-market exclusive, non-Pay-Per-Click, organic lead generation tool.



Lead Tracking Portal

The MyCataract Counselor reporting and administration portal will allow the person within the practice designated to receive incoming leads and the practice administrator/physician to monitor the ongoing lead generation and the progression of leads from initial contact through scheduling.

With this portal, the leads can be filtered by date and can be categorized in four groups: New Leads (those that have not been contacted), Contacted Leads, Scheduled Leads, and Disqualified Leads (those leads that have been disqualified either for lack of response or phony contact information). Additionally, you can enter what procedures resulted by changing the lead to Procedure Performed.

By utilizing the MyCataract Counselor portal, a practice can easily monitor their return on their Pay-Per-Click investment as they will be able to see at a glance the number of patients they have generated, the number of patients scheduled, and surgeries performed as a result. (click image below to enlarge)



Automated Email Follow-Up Service

Leads generated by MyCataract Counselor always include the patient’s name and email along with the results of their vision survey and IOL preference. For those prospects who also provide a phone number, calling them is always recommended as the first attempt to convert them to an in-office consultation. For those leads that only provide their email, PEC has an automated email solution that minimizes staff time by sending out impressive and effective messages over the course of 6 weeks that will keep the prospect engaged and moving towards making an appointment.

Staged Custom Email Messages:

1. Practice Information & Offer: The first email is about your practice, surgeon(s), your technology and why the prospect should come in for a “FREE, No-Obligation Consultation.”
Practice Email Sample

2. Testimonials: The second email uses patient testimonials to help prospects overcome the fear of having eye surgery and how patients consider having cataract surgery a “life-enhancing experience.”
Testimonial Email Sample

3. Affordability & Enhanced Offer: The third email reiterates the benefits of having cataract surgery and offers the patient a modest discount off their cataract procedure if they call within a certain period of time.
Affordability Email Sample

4. Exciting News: If the prospect has not responded to the first three emails, we send a fourth and final email that excites the patient about recent advances in cataract surgery and lens implants and encourages them to call to find out how they can improve the quality of their vision and the quality of their life.
Exciting News Email Sample


Pay-Per-Click Case Studies

Review our Blog article to learn more about using Pay-Per-Click campaigns to generate cataract leads.

High-Quality Leads:

    • 90% Reported they have a cataract
    • 7% Reported their vision is getting worse
    • 81% Gave both a phone number and email address
    • 94% Chose either a Toric or Multifocal for desired IOL

Every market is different and results vary due to competition for cataract “key words,” population demographics and seasonal influences. However, unlike LASIK, these patients have a more immediate need for your cataract services.

  • Case #1 Pay-Per-Click: Small Florida towns averaged 14 high-quality leads per month
  • Case #2 Pay-Per-Click: Large Metropolitan City averaged 17.5 high-quality leads per month


MyCataract Counselor Pricing

There are two pricing options – Website Use Only and Pay-Per-Click. Our Automated Email Service is also included at no additional cost for our Pay-Per-Click customers.

Website Use Only (Non-Market Exclusive) Pay-Per-Click
(Market Exclusive)
Set-Up Fee: $750 $1500
Management & Maintenance
(6 months minimum):
$200/mo. $500/mo.
(Includes Automated Email Service)
Sight Selector Online
$499/yr** $499/yr**
Google AdWords Budget: Recommend
$750 – $1500/mo.*
Automated Email Follow-Up Service: Optional $225/mo. Included

*Charged directly to your credit card by Google AdWords

**MyCataract Counselor is a video-based interactive tool that requires users to also subscribe to Sight Selector Online:

Sight Selector Online: Annual License:
12 Topics or LESS $499/yr
MORE Than 12 Topics $799/yr
Enhance your website with videos on every page using the Sight Selector Online Edition and give visitors a reason to stay on your website longer to increase their likelihood of contacting your practice. Click here to view all Sight Selector Programs and click here to download the Sight Selector Order Form.


User Testimonial

We have used the MyCataract Counselor Pay-Per-Click program since December 2013. It has proven to be an efficient and effective way to generate new cataract patients for our LenSx® laser and premium IOLs with minimal effort. The cost of this program will be a fraction of your current marketing costs and we have found the ROI to be significantly higher than other media forms.”

~ Craig Hethcox, COO Omni Eye Services of Atlanta