Understanding Your Procedure: KAMRA® Inlay Consent Video

This 12-minute video presents how the KAMRA® inlay works, explains how the procedure is performed, and covers post-operative instructions, side-effects, and potential risks and complications. It is accompanied by a True/False test to validate patient understanding.

Reel #304, Program Length: 12:34, Item #TA-16-10

Call 800-436-9126 or email [email protected] to place an order.


We customize the beginning with your doctor’s name, the practice name, or the practice logo as the “presenter” of the program.

The DVD and MP4 versions include a True/False test at the end of the program to document patient understanding of the information presented. This test is provided as a .PDF file that you can print as needed.

Because informed consent delivery methods vary from practice to practice, we’ve developed a number of format options that allow you to choose where and how you want your patients to view the program.


Choose which options are best for your practice:

DVD Format:

Description Price
First DVD $300
Additional DVD Copies $100/each
DVD players are only capable of Standard Definition playback. Ask for Blue-Ray if you have a Blue-Ray player, which will playback in High Definition.

MP4 License Format:

Description Price
MP4 License (unlimited computers and tablets) $575
MP4 License + Website License (unlimited computers and tablets plus your website) $575 + $150/year
MP4 License of Previously Purchased Program on DVD $275
The MP4 format is High Definition and can be shown on computers, iPads and other tablets.

Website Format:

Description Price
Website License Only $300 + $150/year
The website format will be High-Definition with the True/False test downloadable from your website.

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