Open-Angle Glaucoma (Sight Selector)

Product Description

This program explains how Open-Angle Glaucoma develops and can cause permanent loss of vision without visual symptoms. The three types of treatment are medicines, laser surgery, or filtration surgery.

We customize the program to include an introduction at the beginning with either your doctor’s name, the practice name, or your logo as the “presenter” of the video program.

This video is one of over 100 videos included in our Sight Selector Family of Products that can be licensed for use on your computers, website, or on your iPads. Before you purchase this program for use as a DVD (see pricing below), we highly recommend the Sight Selector Practice Edition. The Sight Selector Practice Edition will provide your practice with a complete library of programs (including this one) and will give you the ability to create playlists with a personalized introduction and/or other videos you may own. It also provides a feature to let you draw on over 1000 associated 3D images and print PDFs of each one of the topics to give to your patients.

Program Length: 1:17, Item #TA-15-08

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