Eyeland Design Collection – Electric Blue Poster

“The eyes are the window to our soul” and nothing proves this saying more than the magnificent photography you can put on display in your office with the Eyeland Poster Collection. Thanks to the creative eye of photographer and ophthalmologist, Karl Brasse, M.D., and graphic designer, Guido Shulte, these images will show your patients that you are not only a practice that fixes eyes, you are a practice that loves eyes.

These beautiful posters can be used for aesthetic purposes only, with no message…just pure eye art. Or, we can add a headline with text surrounding the image to promote a specific procedure or service.

Each poster is mounted on gator foam and printed on vinyl paper to make the colors more brilliant.

Item #PO-05-17

Call 800-436-9126 or email [email protected] to place an order.


Size Price
36″ x 24″ $350 each
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