IOL Counselor Interactive Web Tool

Product Description

The IOL Counselor is a patient education software program that has proven to enhance the communications skills of surgical counselors and doctors and dramatically increase the number of patients converting from standard monofocal IOLs to premium IOLs. It was originally introduced as a CD and can still be purchased from However, you can now purchase the new IOL Counselor Counseling Web Tool for use on your website and tablet computers including iPads. Click here to learn more about our LVC Counselor Web Tool for Laser Vision Correction.

The IOL Counselor Counseling Tool for Websites and Tablets provides simulations of the differences that the various lenses would make in a patient’s post-operative vision using both day and nighttime scenarios. It also contains simulations that explain refractive errors. Using the slider bar, patients are systematically led from standard to premium IOL simulations depicting how they might see post-operatively in both day and nighttime scenarios.

1 Product – Use 2 Ways:

  • On Your Website: The IOL Counselor Counseling Tool will engage website visitors by using the interactive slider bar feature while educating them on the benefits of premium lenses, holding a visitor on your website longer, thereby increasing the likelihood they will contact the practice. Click here to vide web tool color options and how the tools can be added to your website.
  • On Tablet PCs, iPads and Desktops: Doctors and counselors can access the IOL Counselor Counseling Tool via the Internet from your website and use it as a one-on-one counseling tool on their iPads, other tablet devices or regular desktop. Using the day and night simulations, doctors and counselors can show patients their potential visual outcomes with standard vs. premium lenses. A better visual presentation of these options will lead to higher conversion rates and happier patients. Click here to see what the web tool will look like from your tablet, iPad or PC.

Pricing: $199/yr per URL