Custom Surgical Options Comparison Handouts

Need help making your surgical options clear to your cataract surgery patients? Having a clear, easy-to-understand handout will not only save you time and frustration, it will significantly increase the number of patients who say “YES!” to your premium cataract and refractive surgical options.

Some practices not only need help designing a price sheet, they need help deciding what should be included with each option and what the incremental cost increase should be from one surgical option to another. PEC has helped practices all over the country create visually-oriented surgical options handouts and price sheets that make their options very simple to explain and understand.

Send us your current options/price sheet. We will review it, make suggestions on how to package and display your services and create a Custom Surgical Options Comparison Handout for your practice.

Check out our “You Want How Much for What?” Blog article to learn more.

Item #BR-03-13