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Build-Your-Own-Refractive-Brochures (BYOB)

Refractive procedures, along with their associated technologies, are continually expanding the vision correction options available to today’s surgical candidates. PEC’s unique, “Build-Your-Own-Brochure” allows you to produce one brochure that covers ALL your options.

“Build-Your-Own-Brochure” is a 4-color, fully-customized brochure that includes your practice information and a separate panel on each of the refractive procedures you offer, at a fraction of the cost of having separate brochures for each of your procedures.

To create a custom BYOB brochure, select a market-exclusive cover from our Signature Series Brochure cover designs, then choose how many panels and topics you want to include, and finish by choosing how we will customize the back panel with your practice information (doctor’s photo, bio, logo, location, phone number, web address, etc).

How to Build-Your-Own-Brochure
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10-Panel BYOB Pricing
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