Sight Selector™ for iPad® Recognized in Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today’s “The High-Tech Practice”

Dr. Jeffrey L. Martin of North Shore Eye Care mentions Sight Selector™ for iPadHTP_thumb® in his “The High-Tech Practice” article as playing an integral role in “improving patient outcomes…has quickly become an indispensable part of our patient conversations.”

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10 Things You Should Know BEFORE Adding Email to Your Marketing Strategy

shutterstock_270246926A great way to promote premium services and special promotions to existing patients is through email. Email marketing can be used in conjunction with other forms of marketing, but can also serve as a cost-effective media alternative to direct mail, radio ads and television commercials. Here are a few basics you need to know before adding email into your marketing strategy. (more…)

iPads™ That Talk – Not Walk!

Our Sight Selector™ iPad™ customers are always asking me for ideas about ways to utilize them to educate patients in their reception rooms. The very thing we love most about iPads, their extreme portability, can make this a challenge. Sometimes things of value like iPads have a way of “walking off” from waiting rooms if they aren’t secured. It just so happens that this past January, I had the rare opportunity to visit one of our Sight Selector customers who created an excellent example of how iPads can be effectively used in a reception area without worrying about them disappearing. (more…)