Understanding Your Procedure: Laser Cataract Surgery Consent Video

This program covers what a cataract is and how it affects vision, as well as that there are a number of IOL options available today, including Monofocal IOLs and Premium IOLs, to help patients achieve the vision goals they desire. The program also covers the advancement of the femtosecond laser and its contribution in improving the accuracy of several of the most important steps in cataract surgery.

It covers how the procedure works, what to expect during and after surgery and sets realistic expectations for visual results. As an enhancement to your informed consent process, patients learn about risks, complications and that you cannot guarantee their results.

Reel #308, Program Length: 14:07, Item #TA-17-02

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We customize the beginning with your doctor’s name, the practice name, or the practice logo as the “presenter” of the program.

The DVD and MP4 versions include a True/False test at the end of the program to document patient understanding of the information presented. This test is provided as a .PDF file that you can print as needed.

Because informed consent delivery methods vary from practice to practice, we’ve developed a number of format options that allow you to choose where and how you want your patients to view the program.


Choose which options are best for your practice:

DVD Format:

Description Price
First DVD $300
Additional DVD Copies $100/each
DVD players are only capable of Standard Definition playback. Ask for Blue-Ray if you have a Blue-Ray player, which will playback in High Definition.

MP4 License Format:

Description Price
MP4 License (unlimited computers and tablets) $575
MP4 License + Website License (unlimited computers and tablets plus your website) $575 + $150/year
MP4 License of Previously Purchased Program on DVD $275
The MP4 format is High Definition and can be shown on computers, iPads and other tablets.

Website Format:

Description Price
Website License Only $300 + $150/year
The website format will be High-Definition with the True/False test downloadable from your website.

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