Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Glasses

Patient referrals are the “lifeblood” of every practice, but few practices invest in stimulating referral volume. Once a patient says “thank you for my new vision”, instead of just saying “You’re welcome”, tell them to “refer your friends and family members to us”.

Then hand them a clear vellum envelope with  five “Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Glasses” patient referral cards. The card can be customized with an offer that entitles new patients to anything from a free screening, to several hundred dollars off their procedure. They will also be customized with your practice logo and contact information. (See the example in the photo carousel to the left for customization option)

You’ll be amazed at how your post operative patients enthusiastically distribute these cards to their friends and family. Wouldn’t you gladly pay 55¢ cents for a new patient?

Item #RC-08-01

Call 800-436-9126 or email [email protected] to place an order.


Measuring 7” x 5”, these referral cards are pre-printed and allow for your custom information on the back side. (See the example above for customization option)

Referral Cards & Vellum Envelopes Price Each Total
250 cards & envelopes $.75 $187.50
500 cards & envelopes $.65 $325
1000 cards & envelopes $.55 $550

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