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Landing pages allow you to maximize your advertising efforts including radio, TV, Email and Pay-per-Click campaigns. If you only send people to your website’s home page, you should see a spike in your traffic report but it would be difficult to tell if your campaign generated enough leads to justify the expense. A landing page will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign using the following elements:

  • Unique URL: Landing pages have a unique name and URL that will help you track leads generated by your media campaign.
  • Google Analytics: A free tool called Google Analytics can be added to the page to track the traffic driven to the page from your campaign. For instance, if you did an Email Blast offering $1000 off LASIK during the month of October, the call-to-action in the email would drive to a hidden landing page on your website: (or something similar) containing details about the special offer. Once someone clicks on the link to your landing page, Google Analytics registers that click as a unique response to your email blast. Google Analytics will show how many people visited your page, how long they stayed on the page, as well as other helpful information including if they viewed the page from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Strong Call-to-Action: Lots of traffic to your landing page shows your message was effective but the primary function of a landing page is to convert the visitor into a legitimate lead. To accomplish this, your landing page must include a contact form allowing interested prospects to send you a request for more information or to schedule an appointment, and/or a strong call-to-action such as “Call 800-234-LASIK now – offer limited to first 25 callers!”
  • Optional Proxy Number: Another great way to track the effectiveness of your campaign and landing page is to use a special 800 phone number, called a proxy number, that you rent and assign to that particular campaign.

Click Here to see an example of a landing page we created for a recent PEC email blast announcing a sale on one of our products.


Standard Features:

  • 100% Custom Design
  • Cross-Device Compatibility (Responsive)
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Patient Education Video Integration
  • Contact & Appointment Request Forms
  • Google Custom Maps
  • Print Page
  • Social and Email Sharing

Design Gallery:

A gallery of beautiful landing page designs is coming soon!  If you need to see samples right away please email us at [email protected].

Hosting Services:

Optional hosting services are available for landing pages.

Our hosting services include:

  • 99.99% Network Up-time Guarantee
  • 800 MB Disk Space
  • Up to 100 POP Emails
  • Full DNS Management


Development prices range from $500 to $1500 depending on the number of pages and features that are needed for your landing page. We can also arrange hosting services and domain names if requested. Once we learn more about your needs we can provide you with a project outline and proposal.


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