Custom Videos

Custom video production can be expensive and time consuming, especially when you are starting from scratch. However, the more you can personalize your videos, the more impact they have on your patients. PEC has produced hundreds of hours of ophthalmic video and offers a wide range of custom services from inserting your video into our pre-produced programs, to bringing our crew to your location and making you and your patients the center of attention.

All of our programs can be fully customized by hiring our custom production crew to come to your practice so we can record doctor and patient interviews, surgery room scenes, exam room scenes, and building exteriors to make a completely unique program for your practice. Click the options below to view custom video options we offer for Laser Cataract and Refractive Surgery services and watch some examples of custom videos we've created for some of our clients.

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On-Location Custom Videos

Whether you need a custom video for your Cataract Surgery services or for your Refractive Surgery services, using our generic patient education videos as a base, our crew will come to your facility, interview the doctor(s) and patients, and record exam room and surgery footage, providing you with a $30,000 custom video production for a fraction of the cost. Click to watch the videos below to see examples of our custom video work we’ve created for other clients:


Laser Cataract Surgery Announcement Videos

Letting your patients, your community and your referring physicians know that you are taking cataract surgery to the next level with our “Announcement Video” will help you launch Laser Cataract Surgery in your market in an impressive manner. Using existing footage, all that is needed are a couple of digital still pictures of the surgeon(s) along with a modified narrative to provide this outstanding video introduction to Laser Cataract Surgery. It is also ideal to put on your website. Announcement Video Price: $3500 + $250 annual license fee to stream the video on your website.


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