Our Sight Selector™ iPad™ customers are always asking me for ideas about ways to utilize them to educate patients in their reception rooms. The very thing we love most about iPads, their extreme portability, can make this a challenge. Sometimes things of value like iPads have a way of “walking off” from waiting rooms if they aren’t secured. It just so happens that this past January, I had the rare opportunity to visit one of our Sight Selector customers who created an excellent example of how iPads can be effectively used in a reception area without worrying about them disappearing.

Patient Education Area in Reception Room, featuring Sight Selector for iPad at Texas Eye & Laser Center.

Patient Education Area in Reception Room, featuring Sight Selector for iPad at Texas Eye & Laser Center.

Mastermind of the Masterpiece

Dale Pearson, Marketing Director @ Texas Eye & Laser

Dale Pearson, Marketing Director at Texas Eye & Laser Center in Hurst, Texas is the mastermind behind this highly functional reception room “Patient Education Center” (photo below) with, comfy chairs, custom made tables and beautiful iPad stands that secure the iPads. Each iPad has the Sight Selector Eye Subscription application with the “Guided Access” feature enabled that limits patient access to only the Sight Selector programs (there is a link to more information about how to setup Guided Access on your iPads below). Each table also has an 8.5”x 11” acrylic stand containing easy-to-follow instructions on how to play a Sight Selector video. Simple, inviting, effective…I loved everything about what Dale had created on her own and I asked her if I could share it our customers on our blog.

There is no denying that Dale invested considerable amount of time and effort in creating this masterpiece. When I asked Dale if she felt like her investment in Sight Selector was making a positive impact on the practice, she responded, “We strive to provide ‘World Class Patient Care’ in our practice, so adding the Sight Selector iPad program to our Patient Education Center has been an invaluable educational tool for our patients and an asset to our technical staff in helping explain the benefits of our ever growing premium eye care services. Our kiosk-formatted Patient Education Center gives our reception area an easy and accessible way for patients to be educated prior to seeing our medical staff. It allows our patients information by a simple swipe of their finger, moving from topic to topic with narration and high quality images that provide short and detailed information”.

Want a Patient Education Center Like Texas Eye & Laser’s?

You can find the super-cool iPad stands shown above at www.displays2go.com for under $100 each. They have tons of options in a variety of colors, designs and sizes to choose from to suit any decor. The acrylic displays can be purchased at most office supply stores for under $20 each. More information about how to setup Guided Access can be found at: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612. And the most important element of your Patient Education Center, Sight Selector Eye Subscription, can be purchased for $299 per year (use on up to 5 iPads per subscription) on the App store or by calling PEC at 800.436.9126. Click here to learn more about Sight Selector Eye Subscription on our website.