Laser Cataract Surgery Marketing Tools

Laser Cataract Surgery Marketing Tools

The future of cataract surgery has arrived with femtosecond laser cataract surgery. It has been proven that patients will pay more for lasers, but the primary obstacle standing in the way of patients saying “yes” to laser cataract surgery is patients’ perception that cataract surgery is a medical necessity that is covered by insurance. The key to overcoming this perception is having the capability to educate patients on the benefits of laser versus traditional cataract surgery, thereby elevating their perceived value.

Patient Education Concepts (PEC) has been instrumental in launching laser cataract surgery in some of the largest and most prestigious practices in the country since it was first performed in the US on February 26, 2010, by Dr. Stephen Slade.

Whether you’ve just placed your order for a femtosecond cataract laser or you’ve been using it for years, let PEC’s impressive array of proven educational and marketing tools enhance your efforts in bringing this exciting technology to your patients and your community.


Laser Cataract Brochures

Laser Cataract Videos

MyCataract Counselor™

Laser Cataract Posters

Retractable Banners

Laser Cataract Retractable Banners

Laser Cataract TV Commercials

Laser Cataract Print Ads

Laser Cataract Surgery Billboard

Laser Cataract Billboards

Laser Cataract Pocket Folders

Watch our “What’s Bob Talking About?” Laser Cataract Marketing video to learn how we can help you market your femtosecond laser: