Ophthalmology Website Solutions & Web Tools

There are many factors to consider when choosing a website development company. PEC offers reliable and affordable website development options to meet a wide variety of practice needs.

Website Design & SEO

PEC has combined our renowned ophthalmic content and exceptional customer service with the latest design trends and interactive features to our custom websites.

MyCataract Counselor™

Educate patients while generating invested cataract surgery leads by using the MyCataract Counselor™ interactive web tool on your website.

IOL Web Tool

The IOL Counselor™ Counseling Tool for Websites and Tablets provides simulations of the differences that the various lenses would make in a patient’s post-operative vision using both day and nighttime scenarios.

LVC Web Tool

The LVC Counselor™ Counseling Tool for Websites and Tablets provides an overview of conventional versus custom laser vision correction outcomes. It also contains simulations that explain refractive errors.

PEC has created the PEC Interactive division to specialize in online, interactive web solutions. To learn more about our offerings, please click through to our PECInteractive.com site, or click the appropriate button:

Website Development

Our thoughts and processes behind building you the best website we can.

Custom Websites

A custom from-the-ground-up solution for your practice.

Limited Custom Websites

Choose from pre-defined styles and looks for a rapid deployment.

Website Tools

Interactive tools for your site to aid in patient education and conversion.