TV Commercials

radio-tvFor many practitioners, entering retail ophthalmology is a difficult decision to make. But with today’s uncertainties with Medicare and the Affordable Healthcare Act, it will be difficult to grow a practice without some external effort to attract new patients.

Shooting a television commercial from scratch can be expensive. For it to be effective, you need high definition cameras, skillful lighting, and dynamic action. Local TV stations in small markets will often “throw in” the production of a spot if you make a significant media buy. But if your commercial doesn’t reflect the premium services that you are offering, the message will fail to motivate.

PEC has a number of cataract and LASIK commercials that can be customized without our coming to your practice. Using high quality lifestyle, animation, and dynamic action video, all we need to do is add your logo, picture of your practice or doctor and you are set for success. Please take a look at some of the commercials we can modify for your practice by clicking on the images below:

Laser Cataract Surgery Commercials

Cataract Surgery Commercials

LASIK Commercials