Sight Selector User Testimonials

What customers are saying about Sight Selector™:

Stephen Slade M.D. – Slade and Baker Vision Center

“We use the Sight Selector in all of our lanes and in all of our counseling areas. We also have it online. The Sight Selector has been extremely helpful because it gives the patient a chance to ‘test drive’ their vision and simulates what they can expect from our various treatment options. There are so many ways to use this technology. For example, you can show the patient a series of still images that you can draw on while you educate them and answer their questions as they come up. You can also set up a playlist of narrated videos that they can go through. We like both. It’s one of those things from PEC that’s really increased our volume.”

James Dawes, Administrator/Business Consultant

The Sight Selector software is significantly different than what we’ve seen in the market in terms of what’s available to educate patients about their visual experience after cataract surgery, primarily because it’s much more realistic. One of the challenges we had in using other software was that the animations were robotic and they didn’t seem very real. What we like about the Sight Selector, is that the images and animations are very real. It feels real and the patients can relate to it. Incorporating the Sight Selector into our practices has dramatically changed the way we converse with our patients. Years ago we used eye models, flipcharts, laminated sheets of paper…. a mish-mash of collateral materials. And it was kind of sloppy. With the Sight Selector we’re able to have a very smooth presentation. We’re now able to sit with the patient and really be on their team working through the process of helping them make the selection of what they want their vision to be like for the rest of their lives.”

Joseph Tauber, M.D. – Tauber Eye Center

“I’ve used the Sight Selector videos in my practice for some time now and couldn’t be more satisfied. These inexpensive and cost-effective communication tools help me save a great deal of time previously spent explaining and re-explaining eye conditions. Patients really enjoy the beautiful graphics and the high tech appearance of the videos. We use these in the office, on our web site and in our practice app. I am very precise in how I explain eye conditions and treatment plans to my patients and find that Sight Selector has really gotten the communication right on target. They are clear, understandable and accurate. Take the time to review the collection. I’m sure you will be impressed and will want to incorporate these into your practice.”

I’m grateful to have the Sight Selector App when discussing Cataract surgery with our patients. My job as a refractive coordinator, involves discussing and explaining the Cataract procedure and process. As you can imagine, patients appreciate the computer animated version as compared to my verbal explanation. Prior to implementing the Sight Selector app, no matter out much I tried to “sugarcoat” the explanation, I always felt like I was still being too graphic. The Sight Selector animated videos do a much better job, and they keep the patient at ease during the process.

Also, since we offer LACS, I routinely rely on the Sight Selector Laser Cataract Surgery vs. Traditional Cataract video to explain the differences between the two procedures to our patients. Again, they appreciate the computer animated explanation far better than my verbal attempt. Patients routinely comment that they better understand the procedure after watching videos. A better understanding of the process makes it easier on me, our staff and our physicians, which we appreciate. Also, by seeing the process, patients seem to better understand the value of LACS.

I use Sight Selector on a daily basis on almost every patient. On a routine encounter I usually find several module that are useful to explain clinical or surgical pathology. While the patient is watching the videos, I finish the chart in the electronic medical record, when the video is done, I ask the patient if they have any further questions and I finish my encounter. Since introducing the Spanish versions, I use it even more. I also use it to teach medical student. Is an essential work tool for me.

I find that the Sight Selector videos are a big help with giving the patient an outlook on what they will be expecting in the near future. There is a huge selection and we use quite a few of the videos and the patient’s find it helpful with whatever their medical condition may be.

We have selected certain pertinent videos and we loop them on the television in our dilation room. We also use the videos on individual ipads that are used after the decision for re: cataract surgery, SLT, Yag is recommended by the physician. The standard vs laser assisted cataract surgery video has been a very useful educational tool for our patients. The depiction and display of the two types of cataract surgery, essentially side by side comparison, is awesome, as are all of the videos. It was a purchase that has proved itself to be invaluable to our practice.