Tribute to Guy E. Knolle, Jr., M.D., F.R.I.E.N.D.

guy-knolleMany of you may know Dr. Knolle as a past President of the ASCRS. Others may know him as the ophthalmologist that taught them phacoemulsification. But there are hundreds of us that know him as a dear and wonderful FRIEND. We lost that friend August 30, 2016 at the very young age of 80 to an unfortunate stumble and fall while he was out for a brisk morning walk.

Guy practiced in Houston for many years following his father’s footsteps into ophthalmology. He then met his soulmate, Sue Ellen Young, M.D. who practiced ophthalmology in Austin, where they married and practiced together for 11 years.

Guy, Sue Ellen, my wife Barbara, and I, became very close friends. Guy was a pilot and lived off the Lakeway Airport runway where he could pull his plane into his hangar/garage when he landed. We went on a lot of fun trips together. We fished for speckled trout off the Mississippi River delta and for Redfish in Intercostal Canal around Port Isabel and for White Bass off the pier at our lake house, and Black Bass in the ponds at their ranch. We also shared a fabulous voyage around the Hawaiian Islands to celebrate Sue’s and my November birthday.

Guy was one of the happiest men I ever knew. I don’t think he ever got mad at anyone or anything. Late in his 70s he decided to learn to play golf so we could all play together. Now those of you that play golf know it is probably the most frustrating sport there is and it takes a lot time and lessons just to break 100. As maddening as it can be to swing and miss the ball completely or knock a drive only 5 feet off the tee box, the worst thing I ever heard Guy say on the golf course was, “Oh Brother” and he said that quite often.

He was also the Quintessential Southern gentleman…always standing up when one of the ladies would get up from the table and pushing them back up to the table when they sat back down. If he ever disagreed with Sue Ellen, he would simply smile and say with a little giggle, “Now Sue Ellen….”

And Guy always made the time to call his friends. At least twice a month I would here the phone ring at my office and after about 5 minutes my receptionist would say, “Dr. Knolle on line 1”. No telling what he talked to the receptionist about for 5 minutes, but I tell you, they loved him calling in.

Guy had an incredible memory and even when we had not spoken for a month or more, he picked up the conversation exactly where it left off. He wanted to know everything that had happened to me, Barbara, my kids, my work and I always told him because I always felt like I was talking to my father, my psychologist, my ophthalmologist, my life coach, as well as my best friend.

Yes, we are all going to miss that Guy but how blessed we were to have him in our lives!

Robert Watson

Robert Watson

President & CEO

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