Sight Selector™ Family of Patient Education Programs

products_ssHigh-Quality, AFFORDABLE, 3D Images & Narrated Videos

Eye animations have proven effective at communicating difficult-to-understand concepts for years. Until now, practices had to pay exorbitant fees to use animations both in the office and on their website.  The Sight Selector’s Family of Patient Education Programs is the first AFFORDABLE family of 3D images and narrated videos you can use to vividly demonstrate a broad category of topics including Cataracts & IOLs, Laser Vision Correction, Optical Dispensary and many of the more common Eye Conditions and Diseases. (Scroll Down To Preview Videos)



The Sight Selector Family consists of three separate products for use on your:

 Powerful Conversion Tools for Your Premium Services

Using the Sight Selector’s easy-to-understand images, animations and narratives, your patients will better understand their condition, disease and treatment options saving you time and increasing conversions to your premium services.

These 100+ animated videos with 1000’s of high-quality, 3D images dramatically demonstrate manual and laser cataract surgery, standard and premium IOL options, custom and conventional laser vision correction, and various lens enhancement options for your optical dispensary. Over 100,000 customers worldwide have purchased or downloaded the Sight Selector programs since they were introduced in November 2010.

Sight Selector Program Preview Library

Cataracts & IOLs

Laser Vision Correction

Wavefront Guided

WaveFront Optimized

Topographic Guided