Sight Selector™ Online Edition

3D Images & Narrated Videos

for Your Website

Enhance your website with videos on every page using the Sight Selector Online Edition. Give visitors a reason to stay on your website longer to increase their likelihood of contacting your practice.


Sight Selector can also be used on your practice computers and practice iPads™ to help educate patients.  Click on the links below to learn more:

Product Description

Product Features

  • Embed single programs on each page or…
  • Place your videos in our video player, customized to match your website’s color scheme
  • Add your practice logo and links to your “Contact Us” and “Home Page” for seamless integration into your site
  • Shown from our designated “streaming media server” assuring the fastest streaming speed possible with no special software or hosting requirements needed
  • Choose from a variety of product banners/buttons available for quick links to your player


Number of Video Topics*: Annual License**
Level I: 12 Topics or LESS $499/yr.
Level II: MORE Than 12 Topics $799/yr.
*Reception Room titles not available with Online Edition
**Per Website URL address




Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I purchase Sight Selector ™ Online edition?

Contact PEC at 800-436-9126 to place your order. One of our knowledgeable representatives will walk you through the ordering process step-by-step and explain the options. Click here to preview all Sight Selector topics.

How much does it cost?

Choose any 12 programs for $499/yr. OR $799/yr. which allows you to choose all available topics. Any new topics we produce during the year will be made available at the time of your annual renewal.

How is Sight Selector Online different from other patient education programs that include video and animation?

Four key differences:

  • Each Sight Selector Online Video can be embedded on a single page or viewed in a Media Player
  • The Sight Selector Media Player provides more customization including:
  • Logo at top of player
  • Custom welcome message
  • Custom “contact us” button on player
  • “Email to a friend” button on player
  • Custom color to match your website
  • Choose any or all Sight Selector topics (one price for all)
  • Sight Selector Online is more affordable when compared to other similar products
  • The organization, landing page design and style of video and 3D animation is unique
  • The Sight Selector video uses a combination of 3D animations with real-life patient perspective scenarios to help patients better relate to their eye conditions and treatment options. The Sight Selector viewer is larger than other similar products making it easier to view for visitors with a vision impairment. We also provide a written summary under the video that is playing and the menu is visible at all times.

How is the Sight Selector placed on my website?

After your order is placed, we will custom build your Sight Selector player. When it is complete, we will email you a link to the player and the iframe codes that allow you to embed the videos onto individual pages of your website. All of these items should be forwarded to your website manager for implementation. We are available to provide advice, assistance and recommendations as to the best way to add Sight Selector Online to your website.

Can I embed individual programs on individual pages within my website?

YES. We can provide you with links that will allow you to select any individual topic for insertion into any page on your website.

Are the Sight Selector video players available in a variety of sizes?

YES. The full video player and individual video player are both offered in a variety of different sizes to work with many website layouts. Your purchase includes the following player sizes and options:

Full Video Player:
Available as stand alone page and iframe to embed. 720px x 563px and 645px x 430px

Single Video Players:
720px x 503px
480px x 368px
300px x 230px (mobile devices only)

If you need a video player in a specific size, contact us for further assistance at 800.436.9126.

Are the new reception room programs available on the Sight Selector Online Edition?

The reception room programs are not included in the Online Edition simply because they were created specifically for the waiting room. If you want to add any of these programs to your Sight Selector Online, there will be a nominal addition to the annual license fee.

Can I add my videos or other PEC programs to my Sight Selector Online player?

YES. We can include other patient education programs onto your player. Additional vendor programs cost a one-time fee of $50 each to add. We require the videos to be in Flash and can convert non-Flash files for $100 per video. We also require written permission to post videos from the producers of other programs. This can only be done when you place your initial order or upon renewal.

Are these videos visible on iPads?

Where are the videos hosted?

All videos are hosted on PEC’s designated streaming media server to assure the fastest streaming possible, so there are no special system or hosting requirements.

Can I email patients a link to any specific video on my player?

YES. We will provide you with links to individual programs so you can include them in emails to patients. We can help you create emails with clickable links to videos and/or pages on your website containing Sight Selector videos, or provide instructions on how you can do it yourself.

How will I receive new topic updates?

As we make new content available, we will notify you and allow you to preview the video by sending you a link. In most cases, if you elect to have the new content included in your Sight Selector Online program, we will take care of inserting it for you. You (or your website manager) won’t have to do anything.

How do I get the Sight Selector programs on my practice computer system, iPad or iPhone?

We have the same content available for your computers using our Sight Selector Practice Edition and for use on the iPad or iPhone. Contact us at 800-436-9126 or 281-583-5577 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm CST for more information. The Sight Selector for iPad and iPhone can be purchased on the App Store through your iTunes™ account. Simply go to the App Store on iTunes and use the search words, “Sight Selector”. There are two versions: Eye Subscription and Lite. Click here to learn more about the Sight Selector for iPad and iPhone.

How can I get assistance or technical support with the Sight Selector program after I purchase it?

You can contact PEC with any questions you have regarding the Sight Selector program, or for any technical issues. One of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you; simply call 800-436-9126, send an email to or use the contact form located on the left side of this page.

Have a question you would like to submit for inclusion on our Sight Selector FAQ page?

Contact us at 800-436-9126, send us an email at or use the contact form located on the left side of this page.

FAQs last updated May 2015