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  • Free trial of Practice Edition includes select narrated videos and 3D images from our most popular topics
  • Free trial of iPad Eye Subscription includes access to all our narrated videos and 3D images for use on one iPad for 2 weeks
  • Uses real-life patient perspective scenes to help patients better understand their condition, disease and treatment options
  • Create unique playlists that can be repeated or run in “auto-repeat”
  • “Draw” on 3D images to add interaction to your consultation
  • Print a handout of the topic for your patient to take home and share with family
  • Show entertaining and informative reception room programs (with music only)
  • Software optimized for HD or High Resolution monitors for brilliant imagery

The trial version is not marked with “preview” so you can use it with patients to truly experience the benefits for yourself. Complete the request form on the right to receive your trial version today!

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